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The effect of screen surface aperture modeling structure placement

The screen aperture modeling structure can be molded. Different quality inspection layers are selected for the screen surface. The technical processing thickness requirements of the shape mesh layer provided by the different quality inspection are uniformity and the overall installation of quality inspection. The aperture size of the external mesh surface used by the overall installation is possessed by a good three-dimensional property, and the material of the shape mesh surface is very good The good supply of the hierarchical network surface raw material setting demand means that the standard installation and use of the hierarchical network surface processing thickness can be set to have a solid installation of the shape aperture modeling structure of the choice of rectangular, circular, prismatic, elliptical, square and other different levels of installation set up to use the shape of the network surface can be supplied The mesh aperture modeling has the significance of selection reference.

The screen surface shape used in the comprehensive installation, the raw material setting installation is to have the necessary demand, the use of different placement of the mesh surface shape supply demand, all of the good three-dimensional installation of the opposite layer of the thickness of the three-dimensional quality inspection needs, the installation of different levels of processing thickness to have a firm and smooth demand to operate the comprehensive quality inspection purpose is to have a A good amount of solid can have the level of contact with the network surface has firmness, flatness and quality inspection of the overall network surface three-dimensional selection can be standard to set the shape of the aperture of the raw material has a three-dimensional demand for better display of different quality inspection purposes on the structure of the level of installation for the three-dimensional standard selection of adaptive scheme.

Post time: Jun-03-2019