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What problems should be paid attention to when installing fence net surface

The requirements for the installation of fence surface are the products that are selected by quality inspection, including high temperature resistance, anti-aging and corrosion resistance. The shape of the mesh surface is a very good three-dimensional installation. The shape and level of the mesh surface is a very good three-dimensional placement. The shape and level of the net surface is different from those used with a good three-dimensional I type. The enclosure fence installed on demand is based on the anti-aging property which is suitable for outdoor environment protection installation, and it is not easy to produce dirty corrosion and rust. In order to install the raw materials with the shape of the mesh surface, the installation of the configuration level setting is necessary. The supply of the setting is to better strengthen the processing thickness of the overall mesh surface, and implement good isolation and isolation for the raw materials such as low carbon steel wire, black iron wire, steel wire and so on, which are easy to rust. The standard three-dimensional requirements of isolation and protection are provided The significance of demand resettlement.

For the installation of fence net, it is based on the softness of the actual site ground, which has a good three-dimensional installation. The overall level of the shape mesh surface used is the shape with placement, the setting level of raw materials, and the setting aperture is adapted to the good three-dimensional demand. For the appearance delay, it is the level with installation and use. The network surface is the shape mesh surface that is suitable for the placement demand The required column height is comprehensive. The height of the column to be embedded in the pit or to install the chassis and base of different accessories is different. If the height of the same fence net surface is dug and embedded, it will be 30-50 cm higher than the height of the column required for the installation of the chassis and the base to strengthen the setting of the column stability requirement, so as to realize the three-dimensional installation of the mesh surface Solid effect.

Post time: Jun-03-2019