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Window Screen

  • Aluminum Wire Netting ,

    Aluminum Wire Netting ,

    Winodw Screen: WINODW SCREEN IS USED FOR THE WINDOWS AND DOORS. IT KEEPS THE INSECTS AND FLY FROM THE INDOOR.   TYPE: Galvanized Wire Netting, Enamelled Iron Wire Netting, Aluminum Wire Netting , Stainless Steel Wire Netting, Fiberglass Wire Netting, Plastic Wire Netting MESH WIDTH LENGTH 9*9MESH 0.6-1.8M 15M,25M,30M,45M,50M 10*10MESH 0.6-1.8M 15M,25M,30M,45M,50M 11*11MESH 0.6-1.8M 15M,25M,30M,45M,50M 14*14MESH 0.6-1.8M 15M,25M,30M,45M,50M ...
  • Fiberglass window screen & Plastic window screen

    Fiberglass window screen & Plastic window screen

    Mesh 18×16,17×15,14×14,12×12,30×30,40×40,50×50,60×60,70-100mesh,etc Price FOB Tianjin(USD/m2) Material Fiberglass,plastic,nylon $0.1-0.35 Weight 40-150g/m2 Width 0.2-2m Length 10m,20m,25m,30m,50m,100m,180m,200m,etc Color Grey,white,blue,green,black,brown,etc
  • Aluminium Window Screen

    Aluminium Window Screen

    * Material: Aluminum-magnesium alloy * Processing mode: Plain weave * Classification:   I. Aluminum-magnesium alloy window screen;   II. PVC coated aluminum-magnesium alloy window screen;   III. Epoxy aluminum-magnesium alloy window screen. * Usage: window screen. * Specifications: ALUMINUM ALLOY WINDOW SCREEN Mesh Size (In mesh) Wire Diameter (In BWG) Width & Length 14 x 14mesh 31/32 Width: 0.5m-1.5m Length: 25m, 30m, 50m Other sizes can be made as request 16 x 14...